Kumkumadi Face Cream and Scrub Kit

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Inveda's Kumkumadi Face Cream is enriched with the luxurious Kumkumadi oil which treats various skin problems which helps reduce reduce pigmentation, treat acne, and clarify the skin for a healthier complexion.  

The emollient oils of Sweet Almond and Wheat Germ deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, while potent Saffron extracts provide a radiant glow. This nourishing moisturizer treats all 7 layers of your skin.

This kit includes the Kumkumadi Tailam Face Scrub then you’re missing out on a number of benefits that other skin care products don’t provide. Kumkumadi Tailam Face Scrub with its gentle exfoliation properties directly targets several skin issues giving you the best results.


  • Revitalizes the skin for new cell growth.
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes to clarify skin.
  • Maintains hydration levels and improves uneven skin tone.
  • Free from chemicals & parabens.


. Dull Skin
. Acne & Acne Spots
. Sun Tan
. Dark Circle
. Bruises
. Blemishes
. Wrinkles
. Skin Infection

100% Organic | No Paraben | No Silicone | No Sulphate | No Harmful Chemicals | No Alcohol | PETA Certified | Vegan

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